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6 Tips for an amazing holiday with kids in Sri Lanka


6 Tips for an amazing holiday in SriLanka with kids.

The island country typically known as Sri Lanka has a special attraction towards children. Mostly the visitors who travel Sri Lanka with kids come across the conclusion that the young ones are widely hard to handle when adults are traveling in a sense. Sri Lanka is a kindly attracted country towards children. Moreover in Sri Lanka has kids targeted amusement parks, Zoological gardens, and various other similar attractions. Moreover, children can enjoy fresh mornings in the pristine beaches of Sri Lanka. And has the opportunity to visit historical sites, national parks with elephants as well. These all could fascinate an entertaining process to kids.

Therefore lack of Facilities in Sri Lanka would help kids experience the most for their dear life. More surely serves for adults as well.

Below are the main steps adults must be aware of when you are traveling for a holiday to Sri Lanka with young kids.

  • Car Sickness 🚗😷😖


Car sickness also referred to as motion sickness /sea sickness. Car sickness is normally a common thing that occurs with children when they are not used to air-conditioned vehicles. Car Sickness is usually s the feeling you get when the motion you sense with your inner ear is different from the motion you visualize.

What home remedies help motion sickness? 🏥

Typically studies have examined the effectiveness of home remedies. People have used ginger, peppermint, Tea as home remedies that heal motion sickness. Most of the time people used to have vomit tablets.


  • Insect bite 🐝🐜


Sting and bites are common in some instances. Sting /bite could cause life-threatening allergic reactions or transmit(viral bacteria/parasites)to human beings.

Insects are of various categories, as follows.

The majority of people lump insects or anything small that bits /sting as a bug or insect. The main objective expected from this article is to provide an overall overview of biting and stinging insects or bugs without making a strict definition of insects or bugs. When it comes to kids. The most common insect that hurts always is the mosquito. Always make sure to bring a rapparent If you are hoping to bring children on your visit to Sri Lanka.

      What causes insect bites?

         Insects never attack humans usually. Unless they are harmed. Most of the attacks done by insects are very defensive. In contrast, mosquito commonly is not a defensive animal. Though it looks blood as its food. Mosquitoes usually don't harm a lot, not even an allergy occurs. The only thing what they do is transmitting ‘vectors’or pathogens that actually live in other mosquitoes.

       What are the symptoms of Insect biting?

The response to a sting or bite from insects or "bugs" is variable and depends on a variety of factors. Most bites and stings result in:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Allergies

When to seek medical assistance for an insect bite?

The most common systematic symptoms are hives. Appears in a way of irregular raised area of the skin becoming itchy. If hives are the only systemic symptom present, they are often treated at home with an antihistamine but if other symptoms such as shortness of breath and/or other symptoms listed below occur.

  • Wheezing.
  • Shortness in breathing.
  • Inability to speak or swallow.
  • Feels like fainting.
  • Infection(In some case if the wound gets severe infections may occur and nor visiting doctor is possible but rush to the hospital.)

If you have no idea which insect bit you or sting you, it is important to stare at the area close to have a confirmation regarding it won’t get infected.

What home remedies influence with insect biting?

Treatment depends on the type of reaction to the bite or sting. If there is only redness and pain at the site of the bite, application of ice is adequate treatment. Clean the area with soap and water to remove contaminated particles left behind by some insects (such as mosquitoes). These particles may further contaminate the wound if not removed. Refrain from scratching the bite or sting area because this may cause the skin to break down and an infection to form.

What are steps that should be followed in order to get prevented from an insect bite?

You can minimize your exposure to insect bites and stings by changing your patterns of activity or behavior.

  • Some vector mosquitoes are most active in twilight periods at dawn and dusk or in the evening, so avoid outdoor activity during these periods. Wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and hats to minimize the areas of exposed skin. Shirts should be tucked in.
  • In order to get prevented from mosquito bites Bring yourself a baby rapparent, Because Sri Lankan Rapperent might not be eligible for kids.
  • When it comes to Sigiriya there are warning signs to be aware of wasp attacks.


  • Baby seats 👶👶👶

the baby car seat will be a handy choice if you are a regular private vehicle user. Even while traveling on the bus it is advisable to use a baby car seat, especially taking into consideration the number of unexpected stops they make. You might find this difficult in busy, crowded Sri Lankan buses, however.

Most mothers in Sri Lanka are not used to carrying a seat around when traveling but how bothersome it may sound your baby needs good caring and reliable safety measures as they are most vulnerable for injuries in spine, neck, and head.


  • Bed Guards/cots 👶👶👶


Baby cots are always recommended by the hotels. therefore it won’t be needed to bring them on your arrival to Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan hotels offer their services very well. Have no fear to bring in your kids to SriLanka.


  • Don’t have tight schedules


While planning your itinerary never have fixed time schedule.Because the time planning might depend on various occasions. therefore Have your own rough itinerary. It is not good to have tight schedules since the delays in occurring.

When you need to plan a trip without the luxury of having enough time to pay attention to every detail, you need to know how to prioritize the points with the biggest impact, and how to make use of available resources to make the experience a smoother one. In this post, we will give you four actionable tips on how to organize a trip on a tight schedule in case you are running late.

You don’t have to sacrifice the quality of the trip, so long as you know what you’re doing and you’re aware of some points like your budget limit. Beyond that, it’s mostly a matter of using what’s available to you wisely and staying one step ahead of potential trouble.


Using a travel agent is worthwhile

Depending on your budget, sometimes you can save yourself a lot of headaches by just leaving things in the hands of a professional who knows what they are doing. Travel agents might be a waste of money if you’re only going on a simple trip where you don’t need to plan anything in advance, but when organizing something more complicated, especially a trip that involves multiple connecting points, it can definitely be a good idea to know that things are being handled by someone experienced.

A travel agent can also help you in a pinch if it turns out that a flight has been delayed or canceled, for example – that’s usually part of the package, and you’d be surprised how well some agents handle can handle this part of their jobs too.

Finding an agent worth your money is a challenge in some cases, but once you’ve landed a proper connection with someone who truly understands what they are supposed to do, it can make all the difference in your future trips. You should make sure that you approach this with a responsible attitude yourself, of course, and know exactly what you are looking to get.


  • Maybe better restaurants serving western style food


Make yourself prepared for a gastronomic explosion when tasting authentic Sri Lankan cuisine. Local food in Sri Lanka is known to be one of the world’s most dynamic cuisines.

So what is Sri Lanka’s best food in your opinion?

Our staple dish usually consists of rice and curry cooked with a blend of spices and a generous amount of chili. These spices are very similar to those used in South India, but a few local ingredients like coconut and Maldive fish is used to make it a signature dish. Not only for Adults also for children under any age can soak the tongues with local cuisine.


  • Colombo

         Colombo is the place to experience local cuisines live. Especially for food lovers, Colombo is the only perfect place. Moreover, most of the restaurants offer international cuisines including Local food. National dishes such as Kottu Roti, String Hoppers, Kiribath, and Hoppers are found in the most authentic sense here. You could also try some mouth-watering quick eats such as pastries and rolls from these roadside cafes such as Fab, Sponge, and Devon. If you still want a fine dining option to take some guests out for a Sri Lankan meal, The Palmyrah Restaurant at Renuka Hotel or Kama Sutra at Independence Arcade is good options.



  • Kandy

Kandy has its own flavor of food. Kandy is very popular for Kevum and kokis and especially traditional sour fish curry. also knows as ‘Ambul thiyal’.Same as Colombo in Kandy too offers a selection of cafes in the busy town center that offers quick snacks and savory items. Hotels in Kandy cater to both Sri Lankan and Western cuisines.



  • Galle


Galle is known for its café style culture as well as the high-end fine dining at boutique hotels such as Amangalla and Galle Fort. Due to the great location on the coastline, these hotels also serve fantastic seafood.

For café style dining options, visit:

  • Royal Dutch Café
  • Mama’s Galle Fort Café
  • Rampart Hotel
  • India Hut
  • Seagreen Restaurant                          


  •  Jaffna



Jaffna is one location that is strongly influenced by South Indian food, yet has a distinct taste of its own. Prominent ingredients are mutton and seafood cooked with local spices. Crab curries, Rasam, and the tradition Idli, Dosai and Vadai are popular in Jaffna restaurants:


Tips for dining out in Sri Lanka

  • Delicious food at incredibly cheap prices can be found at street vendors.
  • If you are not a fan of spicy food, a simple request for less chili in your dish.
  • When at restaurants, look out for the western menu for mildly spiced options.