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8 Fascinating fruits that are uniquely Sri Lankan


If you’ve lived on the island country a fair amount of time, The great chances are you will sunk your teeth into some luscious tropical goodness. Either it could be the juicy yellow mango served with ice cream in your dessert or the Mixed fruit trifle. Sri Lanka has her share of the region’s fruit basket.

Any idea where these fruits came from? There are some fruits that are endemic to Sri Lanka, and rest of the other fruits are originated from countries as far out as Mexico (cashew), and of course, from our regional neighbors India, Burma, and Malaysia. Sri Lanka consists of various endemic fruits that are never been found in foreign countries.


Sri Lankan Mango

Mangoes, Mangoes, everywhere: All you need to know

The sweet rich and juicy taste of mango is one of us find very difficult to resist. Be it the honeyed slices of a fruit itself or the form of a thick luscious juicy smoothie, mango will always be at the high point of the list of our fruity delights. Sri Lanka is the home for over almost 20 different types of mangoes. Among this variety, we have Karutha Colomban, Vellai Colombian, Willard,beeti amba, Gira amba.

Does anyone love the mangoes in its liquid form? Think concoction of juice on a hot Ceylonese afternoon under a pure perfection.


Rambutan is one of the exotic fruits in Sri Lanka that everyone should try. It is a fruit found exclusively in the tropics, in a few selected countries only. Have you ever experienced the juicy ripe rambutan? Although nowadays these are available canned in European and US markets. The taste differs in between the fresh fruit and the canned product is truly remarkable. You can recognize these Sri Lanka fruits as crimson red hairy balls that you could cover with your hands. The flesh covering the seed is the edible part; it has a mild taste that is neither too sweet nor too sour. Rambutan is a non-climacteric fruit, which means it will only ripen on the tree.



Taste your taste buds with papaya as its liquid form. Think mixer of papaya juice on a fresh morning, what sort of an authentic experience? Papaya is a common favorite food and is almost always present in desserts when it comes to fruit selection. It is highly rich in fiber and is commonly known to aid in digestion. The most common variant of papaya in Sri Lanka is the Red Lady. It tastes and smells very sweet. Perfect for everyone with or without a sweet tooth.


Guava is another common tree that can be found in Sri Lanka. It has a very sweet taste and has a distinct smell less subtle than a lemon grind. Depending on the variation the mature fruit can grow as small as a ping pong ball to something like the size of a baseball. Apple guava is the variant which is often used for a commercial market.

Wood apple

This is another fruit that is not very popular although is commonly used to make a refreshing juice. The pulp is thick and it can be either very sweet or slightly sour. The peel is quite hard and releases a scent of citrus when cracked. This fruit is typical of Southern-Asia countries. The delicious juice made by this fruit is fantastic, have you ever experienced that? Most of the Sri Lankans say wood apple drink is not good to drink at night due to an increase of mucous.




Avocado is an all-time favorite food for almost everyone not only in Sri Lanka but all over the world. Aside from being a tasty treat, it is also proven to lower cholesterol and triglycerides levels so it is a good food for people suffering from hypertension and heart problems. .In Sri Lanka, people have this fruit as a juice while some other way is making a mixture with sugar and avocado. In Sri Lanka, this fruit is called “Butter fruit”.



Pineapple is a crop popularly intercropped with coconut and about 90% of the pineapple in the country is grown within the 'coconut triangle'. The total extent of pineapple in Sri Lanka is about 4,750 hectares producing a total of 35,000 mt/year, 70% of which is produced in the Kurunegala and Gampaha districts. Pineapple may be the first fruit that comes to your head when you think about the tropics; it is also one of the tropical fruits in Sri Lanka. This fruit is in season from May to June. You may already know the appearance and taste of this fruit; it is a fibrous fruit with a sour taste mixed with sweet. In Sri Lankan hotels you could taste your taste buds with various dishes made by pineapple. They are pineapple curry, pineapple gateau, pineapple mooze, food trifle etc.


Passion Fruit

Passion fruit has a unique and remarkable taste when passion fruits are ripe enough you can use it to make a wonderful juice by mixing it with water and a bit of sugar. Passion fruit is rich in vitamin C and Vitamin B as well as iron and phosphorus.