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Colombo Street Food Walk 🦐



If you’re in Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo, there’s only one place to start – Galle Face Green. The largest urban park in this jumbly city, it’s actually a cross between a park and a beach, the huge space also serves as an area for rallies, parties and, back in the old days, horse races. Nowadays it’s the go-to spot for sampling Sri Lanka’s tasty rainbow of street food, Have you ever experienced the various kinds of street food around Colombo during your last visit to Sri Lanka. Here are few of the various aromatic street food items provided to you as a guide.


Isso wade 🦐

Today the park is ringed out with food vendors carts lit up with nuclear orange 🦐isso-vade which are highly aromatic lentil cakes that have prawns either mixed in with or on top. I am 100% sure after you just taste this isso vade ever for the first time, no wonder you would get used to that taste.


A sort of Sri Lankan bubble and squeak, kottu was first made from curry leftovers –plain roti(known as Parata/godamba in Sinhala), vegetables, spices, and meat or fish all mixed and chopped together. This kottu food takes of various flavors as beef/pork/chicken/mutton, cheese kottu, manioc kottu etc. In various places, kottu is provided with any sort of aromatic curry which waters your mouth. As per my personal favorite, I  love the have the cheese kottu with prawns curry.

Hoppers 🍳

This food is at the top bucket list of Sri Lankans. Sri  Lankans love hoppers. A pancake-shaped bowl like sometimes with egg or if not with sugar or jaggery. Add yourself the sambol chutney or any other extra curry you wish. Sri Lankans usually have this food whenever they are traveling. I suggest you on your next visit to Sri Lanka never miss out this awesome's delicious.


Hardly a grand surprise but Samosa are the most pervasive snack on the streets in Sri Lanka. Takes shape of a little triangle to tend to be vegie, fish, beef and burdened with plenty of spices. There will always have a  debate about who serves up the best, but Bombay Sweet Mahal (195 Galle Road) has been busting them out for years.

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String Hoppers

A popular Sri Lankan fast food, string hoppers, also known as idiyappa in Sri Lanka, are chopped and tossed with vegetables in a pungent curry sauce. Basically in Sri Lanka people have this meal with various curries such as dhal curry, chicken curry, Kiri Malu etc. Also, Sri Lankan people make some other interesting food from these known as "idiappa kottu". Made of mixing vegetables and many other spices. This kottu is also as same as the kottu made by roti. string hopper kottu takes as chicken kottu, lamb kottu & beef kottu.