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Beaches of the Tear drop isle


          Known as the Tear Drop island of the Indian Ocean, it is natural that Sri Lanka is well known for its beaches. Our Tropical island is host to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Sri Lanka’s beaches provide an excellent destination to visit beach bums over the world regardless of there preference of what to do at the beach. Surrounded by crystal clear water on all sides, These breathtaking beaches offer so much to tourists and locals alike.While some beaches are excellent for relaxing in the hot sun some even have historical significance.

Beaches of Sri Lanka


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          Sri Lanka’s beaches are packed with luxurious hotels and Beach Resorts which specialize in satisfying your beach needs and wants.You will notice that the Southern beaches are Sandier than the Western ones. Sri Lanka is affected by two Monsoons. The Western monsoon which comes through the months of May through to September causes rainfall to the southwest region of Sri Lanka and the Monsoon which comes through the months of October through to February brings rainfall to the East and North regions of Sri Lanka. The rest of the year is Sunny and Dry.

Things to do:

  • Go Snorkeling
  • Surf at some of the worlds greatest surfing locations
  • Whale and Dolphin watching
  • Swiming
  • Kitesurfing
  • Visit Turtle Hatcheries
  • Visit Sri Lanka’s Marine national park
  • Go Scuba Diving
  • Join the thrilling party life which is a regular occurrence around the beach
  • Relax on the beach