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Chatbots? Trip planners in 2018


Virtual Humans

In ancient times humans solved problems through conversations, Then over time, we developed technology, which improved our way of life. We invented the telephone which helped us communicate over long distances. Then we came up with messages. It started with SMS then we moved on to social media, emails etc. As time progresses we keep on improving the basic technology we started out with years ago. We are at a point where you can get any piece of information you wanted over the internet. It is as simple as just going online searching for your query and visiting related websites to get the information you require. Introducing, being the innovative geniuses we are, we have created computer programs which mimic a human being; This computer programs purpose: Stimulate how two humans would behave during a conversation.

Chatbots, are an artificial intelligence you can interact with over a chat interface. When a chatbot is designed, the creator will dedicate certain parameters and rules for it to follow. The result? A service which will provide you with a virtual assistant who will ask you questions and help you with your query.

Still confused? Heres an example to help you out.

Say you visit a clothing website, Now with a Chatbot available for the page, you will be greeted in a manner similar to how you would be treated when visiting a clothing store in person. It is as simple as having a casual conversation with a person. The chatbot will ask you questions, regarding what your preference in clothes are and if you are looking for a particular piece of clothing.

And the best part about it? Chatbots are almost immediate, no more waiting for minutes and minutes while your query is being processed. Chatbots when developed are given advice to a database where they will know everything you wish to ask for it. Though there is still a long way for chatbots to evolve, the current generation of chatbots is pretty convenient and very efficient.

Leading Chatbots in Travel Industry!

When it comes to tourism there are many chatbots who have been designed to make your travel as smooth as can be. Some of the best chatbots dedicated to travel are Hipmunk, Kayak and Trip adviser.

Hipmunk: Hipmunk specializes in finding some of the best rates for flights. It also can be helpful to travelers without a specific destination in mind, asking questions and helping the traveler make a decision.

Kayak: Its best feature is how efficient it is to a traveler with a destination in mind. Kayak offers to book for Flights, Hotels, Car Rentals and guided tours.

Trip Adviser: Its best feature is its rating system, highly recommended if searching for activities or certain places.

Meet Maya!

Say hello to Team Tripnino’s Residential travel bot. Maya is Sri Lanka's first tourism related chatbot. Maya was created by our team of experts for the sole purpose of giving u a sense of personal bonding while making your perfect holiday. The moment you visit our website or our Facebook page, you will be greeted by Maya, she will then proceed to ask you questions about your likes and dislikes, your favorite places to visit when you are touring.

Maya’s purpose is to make you comfortable and within 5 minutes of conversing make a basic itinerary which will give you excursions best suited for your style of travel. The Step will be from our website where you will be taken to after the basic itinerary has been made, from there you can further fully customize your tour adjusting dates, excursions, and any special requests. Maya is an AI you can relate to, she will even ask you what your preference is when it comes to transport, solo travel or with a driver. Maya’s first version the one currently available to the public has two platforms she runs on: Facebook and Line. On facebook Maya converses in English and on Line she converses in Japanese, also the name of maya in Line is @tripnino. In future versions, Maya will also run on Wechat and Viber. Tripnino ‘s clientèle is from all over the world, and in the future, we plan on adding more languages to make you more comfortable with Maya. Maya also has the option of putting you through to one of our agents who can handle your query personally and all you have to do is type in “agent” its as simple as that.