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First timers guide of things to do in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka can be quite confusing to navigate if you are new to Traveling in Asian Countries. Sri Lanka is relatively easy to navigate compared to other south Asian countries, a majority of the population understands English enough to give directions to most places. Sri Lankans are described as some of the friendliest people on earth.But it is always better to be prepared while traveling in a foreign country. Here are some of Team Tripnino’s Things to do as a first timer in Sri Lanka.

Visit the Cultural Triangle

The Cultural Triangle is found in the center of Sri Lanka. It is called a triangle because of the inclusion of the three major sites which form it. The main attractions of the Triangle are Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Kandy, and Sigiriya. While Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, and Kandy make up the triangle you can find other historic attractions inside including Mihintale, Ritigala, and Dambulla. Many Tourists who visit Sri Lanka has the cultural triangle down as one of the first things to explore and experience in Sri Lanka.


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Explore Sri Lanka’s unique wilderness by taking a Safari

Sri Lanka is considered as the foremost destination for wildlife in all of Asia. In many cases, it is said that Sri Lanka is the best place to witness wildlife being second only to Africa. There are fourteen Wildlife parks to be found in Sri Lanka. Some of Sri Lanka’s Wildlife parks boasts some very unique properties. For Example, Yala National park boasts the highest densities of Leopards in the World and Minneriya National Park is said to be one of the best places in the world to witness large gatherings of Elephants, Even up to 400 at once. Taking a safari is highly recommended for Bird Watchers as Sri Lanka is home to over 439 Species of Birds.

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Treat your taste buds with amazing Sri Lankan foods

When visiting a foreign country it is a must to try out its cuisine. Sri Lankan cuisine often found in major hotels and eateries usually dull down the taste and spices to suit foreign palates, as Sri Lankan food is quite spicy. Throughout the country, the taste of Authentic Sri Lankan food differs from area to area. For example, while food in the northern region of Sri Lanka has a distinct taste of South Indian cuisine, the food found in the southern region of Sri Lanka are well known for its Seafood based diet. You should also try out food which emphasizes specific spices such as Cloves and Pepper as the flavor is quite different. Sweet Meats like Kokis and Kavum are excellent for snacking on while exploring Sri Lanka.

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Take a Scenic Train ride through Sri Lanka

Trains were first introduced into Sri Lankan during the colonial ages to transport Tea from central Sri Lanka to major cities for importing. The original railways and trains have come a long way since that time. Most of the original railways and railway stations still exist. Many travelers have a train ride in Sri Lanka on their bucket list; rightfully so, Sri Lanka’s train rides are among some of the most scenic in the world. In fact, it is widely regarded that after the Trans Siberian Train Ride the Train ride from Nanu Oya to Ella is the most scenic train ride in the world.

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Experience Buddhist Traditions at its finest

According to polls, 99% of Sri Lankans believe that religion is an important part of their day to day activities. Almost 70% of Sri Lanka’s population is made up of Theravada Buddhists. If you are a person who loves to experience culture, it is a must that you visit a Temple in Sri Lanka. It is an extremely relaxing experience and a trip through a temple is guranteed to leave you with peace of mind. It is also highly advisable to view a Perahera while in Sri Lanka. A Perahera is an annual Buddhist festival. You will witness hundreds of Dancers with unique abilities and Tuskers dressed in dashing colorful clothes parading the streets.


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Relax with an Authentic Sri Lankan Ayurvedic massage

Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine, which has survived through the years. It is an extremely complex medicinal system which relies on the use of fresh herbs, Roots, and oils for treatment. Ayurveda is not an alternative to Modern day medicine but rather an effective practice which compliments western medicine.

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Escape from the hustle and Bustle of Cities into the “city of light”

Nuwara Eliya is undoubtedly one of the coolest places in Sri Lanka. Often referred to as Little England, it surprises many visitors due to its contrast with the rest of Sri Lanka. It is like a tiny country within Sri Lanka. Nuwara Eliya will definitely mesmerize you. With a lazy climate and high class colonial styled hotels which depict Sri Lanka's history and culture. Nuwara Eliya is a must visit if you are looking to unwind and relax.


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Swim into the deep and discover the wonders which lie submerged

During Colonial times Sri Lanka played a key role in the ancient silk route from China to Europe. Being a shipping port during this period has left Sri Lanka with many souvenirs. If you crave for adventure then you should definitely grab yourself some scuba gear and venture out into the deep sea. You will be treated to breathtaking Coral reefs and majestic ship Wrecks. This is an experience which is guranteed to last you a lifetime.

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Visit the Indigenous people of Sri Lanka

Veddhas are the indigenous community of Sri Lanka. The word Veddha translates to “people of the forest”. It will definitely complete your trip to Sri Lanka if you take the time to visit the Veddha Village in Dambana. You will be able to witness the ways of the Original inhabitants of Sri Lanka. Witnessing and interacting with Veddhas is a privilege which many locals to have not experienced.

Climb Sri Pada

Revered as Sri Lanka’s Holiest mountain. Sri Pada is known by many names. It is the fifth highest summit in Sri Lanka. It is also the most climbed mountain in Sri Lanka. This sacred mountains importance comes from the “illustrious footprint” found on the peak. Sri Pada is not just a place of religion for Buddhists but also for Hindus, Muslims, and Christians. You have to climb up 5200 stairs to reach the peak. It is best to find out beforehand when the pilgrimage seasons are, as during pilgrimage seasons thousands of people ascend the mountain and it can get quite packed.


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Enjoy the nightlife of Sri Lanka

If nightlife is your thing, Sri Lanka has an excellent selection of Clubs and Parties to rave at. From pubs with a soothing ambiance to Beach parties which carry on for days Sri Lanka has you covered.


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