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How To Plan A Holiday In Sri Lanka


Island tripping is something that has become more fancy and enjoyable among the traveling crowd, and Sri Lanka is definitely in the tops for a complete holiday experience with so many variations within such a small span of area. Of course, you would probably not make this decision overnight, though the country has moderate seasons and tropical vibes throughout the year! Yet, there are some pointers which you may need to focus on before you pack your bags, just so that you don’t miss out on anything. After all, a holiday budget totally deserves to be effectively spent, isn’t it?

TOP 7 aspects you need to decide when planning your trip to Sri Lanka.


Have no fear to travel to a country like Sri Lanka. Feel free to travel with your whole family. Moreover, if you wish to take your wedding/honeymoon here in Sri Lanka that is totally worth. Come to enjoy the scenic beauty enjoy your tour in Sri Lanka.

                                    Since Sri Lanka has various attractive sites it's better if you can visit with your whole family. Sri Lanka is an ideal place for group tours. Come to visit Sri Lanka, let your eye to observe well and enjoy the scenic beauty. When we take the family there are such activities where children can only do and at the same time, the whole family can do. Children can have horse rides, adults can have boat rides. Your trip to Sri Lanka is totally worth at all. Make sure you plan the trip matching to your interests.




Save time to enjoy the beauty and relaxation. Plan your timeline meaningfully in order to cover the selected areas in your travel list.

As Sri Lanka consist of various tourist attraction sites, it's better if you can stay at least 5-7 days here. When you are planning your trip it's mandatory to decide the timeline. Though Sri Lanka consists of various attraction sites it's just typically hard to decide your own timeline. Never mind only thing you want is to make use of it. Decide on where you are planning to travel, what sort of experiences you would like to gain through that.


When planning the trip you should be attentive about the budget. It’s simply easy when you establish your budget as soon as possible. That is because as it appears it doesn’t be the same the fees might vary according to the site you wish to visit. Some destinations are cheaper apart from others. That is because there is an attractive location where they are even hidden from Sri Lankans visit also.

Interests and things to do

Sri Lanka has hidden sites which are very attractive. Once a person visits he/she will return to our country. Why do you think traveling is so good in Sri Lanka? Because apart from the other countries you can have the opportunity to see ancient monuments, go in a safari, relax at a pristine beach, Experience Asian Elephants, up your health at an ayurvedic spa; for the compact size you can do, a vast amount of things as you wish.


World Heritage

The ancient city of Anuradhapura is the capital city of the North Central Province. If you visit their city of Anuradhapura, you can see the following places from your own eyes.

In your visit to Sri Lanka, you have the chance of seeing the cities and various other places you wish to visit. For more details visit:

Beaches and Sea activities

Pristine Beaches around the country. Don’t miss up your wonderful opportunity visiting the pristine beaches around Sri Lanka. You can spend the whole time relaxing on the beaches. Enjoy your vacation /tour here in Sri Lanka. As activities, you can do Surfing, Diving,


City tours

As a relatively small country, Sri Lanka does not have many cities, but what it does have are a few major cities that teem with excitement around every corner. From the ever-changing skyline of the commercial capital Colombo to the coastal beauty of Galle and Negombo, Sri Lanka day tours offers the best Sri Lanka sightseeing tours. The size of the cities may be diminutive, but by the end of the day, these cities will have you begging for more.SriLanka city tours offer foreign tourists tour around various cities they wish to see. Through this City tours, tourists have given the facility to do shopping. Moreover, they can have conversations with local people and they can get a better idea about the local people and their lifestyle.

Browse through the itineraries below and find which tour is perfect for you.

Nuwara Eliya city tour

Kandy City tour

Colombo City Tour

Galle City Tour


 Historic Monuments

Sri Lanka is one of Asia’s richest treasure troves of both natural and man-made wonders. Royal and sacred cities, colonial strongholds, temple caves and virgin forests with no fewer than seven World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka declared and listed by UNESCO. Some of them are as follows,

Sigiriya Frescoes.
Dambulla cave.
Gal Viharaya
Temple of tooth relic.  

Moreover, you could be the luckiest person who sees the ancient historical prehistoric ruins in Sri Lanka.

Ayurvedic Spa

Sri Lanka has always been a place that refreshes not just the mind and body, but also the soul and spirit of the body. Sri Lanka has been a center for spiritual and physical healing for 2000 years. Ayurvedic treatment consists of various herbal treatments and various types of baths and messages. These herbal treatments come within a tradition.



Nature & Wildlife

Scenic Tour For Natural Enthusiasts. The fourteen wildlife parks of Sri Lanka is a sanctuary to 86 different species of mammals as well as birds and reptiles. Large herds of wild elephants from the center point of attraction. Sri Lanka boast of 14 natural parks that covers 8%of total lands is of the island. safari sites are as follows,

Yala National Park
Wilpattu national park
Minneriya National park.
Wasgamuwa national park
Udawalawe National Park

Ready for the experience of a lifetime? Whale watching is on many people’s bucket lists, yet not everyone can say they’ve glimpsed these majestic mammals in their natural environment. We’ll give it our best shot as we take you exploring off the coast where whale watching is.

well-renowned world’s top whale watching destinations are as follows,

Mirissa Whale Watching

Trincomalee Whale Watching

Scenic Beauty

Do you have any idea about scenic sites in Sri Lanka?

Hill country

Mist shrouded mountains, Rolling tea Plantations, Cascading waterfalls and quaint hilltop villages. These are some of the aspects enchanting the hill country.

Horton Plains

Horton Plains is a hauntingly desolate, windswept, plateau set at the elevation of 2000m This is just a world apart from the other rest of the other places in Sri Lanka. Horton plain also offer the excellent trekking facility. There is nothing more interesting than that in a place like Horton plains.


Modes of travel

As if you have decided to make your tour here in Sri Lanka, there should be a sort of mode of traveling, either it could be backpacking (individual)/a group of the tour for a family. Out of these, all a group tour is much suitable since it could be either a couple or a family. It depends on the group . Rent-a-car is much useful when it comes for a group tour. Modes of traveling as you prefer for your tour.

Group Tour
Guided Tour
Rent-a -car


When planning the trip you should decide accommodations like business hotels, hostels, boutique hotels, homestays. Sri Lanka consists of various temporary accommodation sites You have the opportunity to book them as you wish. Homestay is a popular form of hospitality and lodging whereby visitors sleep at the residence of a local of the city to which they are traveling. The length of stay can vary from one night to over a year and can be provided for free, in exchange for monetary compensation, in exchange for a stay at the guest's property either simultaneously or at another time. Homestays are examples of collaborative consumption and sharing. In cases where money is not exchanged in return for lodging, Boutique hotels are also can be used for honeymoons also.Moreover, there are Hostels for lodging in Colombo also.

Visa, insurance, emergency care, and other nitty-gritty details

When you are planning your tour always make sure that your documents are in correct order. When you are at the airport line always make sure that your passport is not expired/expired. Moreover, Since you have to rent-a-car the car rental company always requires your license, therefore its a must to check the expiry date of the license.


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