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Local transportation methods in Sri Lanka


Public Transportation in Sri Lanka is based mainly on the road network which is centered on Sri Lanka's capital, Colombo. Buses, three-wheelers, and trains make up the public transport system. Airports, harbors, and waterways are also there. Most of the roads in Sri Lanka are in good condition; however, some roads in the rural areas might not be up to standards. Below is a list of means of transport that you can consider while visiting Sri Lanka. Most of the tourists who are planning to visit Sri Lanka is very curious about transportation methods. Here are the basic transport methods to you recommended by Tripnino.


Sri Lanka is a wide network of buses for almost anywhere in the country, it is also the cheapest mode of transport. The safest way to travel from place to place.compared to tuk-tuks, the bus fare is really cheap.



Sri Lanka has a very intensive railway network. They were installed during the British rule. If you are wondering what transport to take during your stay in the hill country of Sri Lanka, make sure that you use the train because it provides a beautiful picturesque view of the hillside. Never hope to miss out the train rides in your next tour to Sri Lanka.



Cars are available for rent with or without a driver, most hotels provide this facility so that finding a place that rents cars isn't necessary. Now when to comes to Tripnino we provide you with the following facilities,

  • A car with a driver
  • Chauffeur guide
  • Driver with a guide


Tuk Tuk - Three Wheelers

Similar to taxis but not as comfortable as them. Three-wheelers are also cheaper when compared to taxis. Taxis are also very common in almost any place around the country. Sri Lanka provides various taxi services like pick me, uber etc. Compared to the normal meter taxis these pick me rides are very cheap at all.