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Tailor Made Tours


What is Tailor-made travel?

Tailor-made travel is when an experienced travel agent makes a custom tour for you based on your likes and preferences. Every part of this unique itinerary is customizable. Every flight, stop and accommodation is made to your individual requirement. The travel agent who plans your customized tour will be knowledgeable about almost every aspect of a location you want to visit and will even tell you minute details you will need to know before visiting.

How to plan a Tailor-made tour?

Planning a tour depends on your knowledge about Sri Lanka. How long you wish to travel for? How much your budget is? And what you preference in excursions are. Once you decide on the basics our tailor-made travel specialists can give you recommendations.

Plan your Trip without any help?

Our website offers you the freedom to browse through all excursions made available to you and pick out all excursions which catch your eye. You will have the choice of customizing the excursions to fall on a day of your choice. Once you submit your requested tour, our Travel experts will advise you on any improvements which will make your journey as smooth as possible.

Talk to our experts

If you wish to speak to the travel experts at team Tripnino, our consultants will gladly listen to your ideas and have a chat with you about what you enjoy the most. They will then use the information gathered in the conversation to customized your tour according to what the most important aspects of the trip.

Your bespoke quotation

You will receive a quotation for your tour within one working day. This quotation will include your accommodation and travel method, along with any suggestions for your trip and the total price. This quotation is simply a guide through your itinerary to see if you are comfortable with your bespoke trip. You can amend or delete any excursion or accommodation you do not like. Once you are happy with your customized tour you can submit the final itinerary and we will give you the final quotation.

Accommodation Options

As with the rest of your tour, Your accommodation options are limitless. You have the complete freedom to choose the style and budget od each element of your accommodation. While we have a large number of hotels for your selection, If you do not find the accommodation you are looking for you just need to contact us and we will help you out.

If you have a place in mind, a nice little place you've read about we can you a quote for it, or even suggest a better option in a similar fashion. You also have the option of choosing where you want to stay luxuriously and where you want to save your budget. For example, you can choose a high-end hotel in a cheaper city and a cheaper hotel in a more expensive city. Your options for accommodation are not just limited to star class hotels, we also offer backpacker accommodations and boutique hotels.

Transport options

We specialize in Tailored travel. Our options for travel include Cars, Vans, Seaplanes and even Helicopters. All these options are arranged with three options

  • Driver only
  • Driver and guide
  • Chauffeur guide

If your tour has a lot of traveling involved we recommend a vehicle with a high comfort level which will make your journey more relaxed. Once your transport method is chosen we will run you through our insurance options to make you more comfortable to travel with us. Using our transport options is guranteed to make your trip more enjoyable as our drivers are fully qualified and uphold the highest of standards. Your driver will always be punctual, fluent in English and will help you experience authentic Sri Lanka.

What kind of questions we ask before starting on planning your tour

  • How many people will be traveling with you?
  • Are there any Children who will be traveling with you?
  • How long you plan on traveling Sri Lanka?
  • Any specific locations or excursion you wish to experience in Sri Lanka?
  • Roughly what budget would you like us to try and keep to for you?
  • What type of accommodation do you prefer?

Why choose a Tailor Made tour?

Both tailor-made tours and group tours are made by travel experts, the perks of choosing a Tailor-made tour is that you can adapt the tour to your liking and choose what type of experience you want to have. You can also experience more of Sri Lanka than you are able to with a group,

Tailor-made tours offer:

  • Only the destinations you have chosen to see
  • Flexible dates
  • There is no rush to keep up to schedule, experience Sri Lanka at your own pace and schedule.
  • Peace of mind – everything is organized for you so you have nothing to do other than have an adventure.

Are Tailor-made tours more expensive than Group tours?

Tailor-made tours can be a bit more expensive than Group tours, But this is simply because Tailor made tours offer you much more. The extra cost will guarantee your safety and it is also easily outweighed by the other benefits offered by Tailor made tours.

Interested in planning your own trip?

Now that you know what Tailor-made travel is all about, you might be interested in planning your perfect adventure in Sri Lanka. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we're here to listen to you, make good recommendations give you the adventure of a lifetime.