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Top 10 fun facts about Sri Lanka


Worlds First Female Prime Minister

Sri Lanka is responsible for producing the Worlds First Female Prime Minister. Sirimavo Bandaranaike became a dominant force in Sri Lankan Politics and served three terms as the Prime minister of Sri Lanka. She is also the mother of the Former Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga. When she was first appointed it was very alien to the world that the newspapers weren't sure what to call her. London’s evening news settled on calling her a “Stateswoman”. It is also noteworthy that she is Sri Lanka’s Sixth Prime Minister.


Worlds Oldest Living Tree

The world’s oldest living tree which was planted by man is in Sri Lanka. Sri Maha Bodhi (the Sacred Bo- Tree) is over 2260 years old and it was grown from a branch from the great Bodh Gaya tree in India, the tree under which Lord Buddha found Enlightenment. The branch was sent by The Emperor Asoka of India through his daughter Sanghamitta Theri to King Tissa of Sri Lanka. Even after Anuradhapura fell as the Capital, the villages tended to the Tree, lighting fires to scare off Elephants.

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India and Sri Lanka were connected millions of years ago.

Geological evidence suggests it is highly likely that Sri Lanka once could have been physically connected to India. The area is known as Adam’s Bridge or Rama’s Bridge. While Scientists and Archeologists believe it is a natural formation of sand and stone. Hindu followers believe that this sunken connection was made millions of years ago by Lord Ram and an army of Monkeys.

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World’s fourth largest tea producer

Tea is Sri Lanka's’ largest export, so it is no surprise that is the worlds fourth largest tea producer and third Largest exporter. Sri Lankan tea is considered the cleanest tea in the world as it has the least pesticide residue quantities. This industry was introduced to Sri Lanka in 1867 by a British Planter named James Taylor. Sri Lanka accounts for 23 % of the total tea export globally. The countries three main varieties of Tea are Ceylon Black, Ceylon Green, and Ceylon White Tea.

Elephants and Whales within a single day?

Sri Lankan is the only known country where you will be able to see the largest land mammal and the largest marine mammal in one day.

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Sri Lanka’s national sport?

When it comes to sports Sri Lanka is well known for Its endeavors in Cricket. Cricket is played everywhere in Sri Lanka From city roads to stadiums even to the beach. But Cricket is not the national sport of Sri Lanka. The National Sport of Sri Lanka is Volley Ball.



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Sri Lanka’s Most Sacred Mountain.

Adam’s Peak or “Sri Pada” is revered as the most sacred mountain of Sri Lanka. Annually thousands upon thousands set out on a pilgrimage to reach its peak and pray to the sacred Foot Print. This illustrious footprint has followers of all four major religions claiming differently about its origins. Buddhists claim it is the Foot Print of Lord Buddha, Hindus believe it belongs to Lord Shiva, Muslims claim it to be the Foot Print of Adam. While many Christians claim it is the Foot Print of St Thomas there are some which say it is the Foot Print of Adam.

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Cultural Pageants?

When it comes to Pageants, Sri Lanka produces something very unique and thrilling. Peraheras are annual Buddhist festivals which take part in Sri Lanka. This is one instance where you can witness thousands upon thousands of locals flocking to the roadsides to witness this parade to honor the gods.

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Sri Lankan Flag!

The Sri Lankan Flag is among the top 10 Flags of the world which are hard to draw by hand. It has Several colors and components to it, the four colors used are Orange which signifies Sri Lankan Tamils, Green which Signifies Sri Lankan Moors, marron which signifies the Sinhalese majority and yellow signifies the other ethnic groups. The components of the Flag are

The Lion: represents the strength of the nation, Bravery, and the Sinhalese Ethnicity.

The Sword: shows the sovereignty of the nation.

The four Bo Leaves: Stands for the four virtues which are Kindness, Friendliness, Happiness, and Equanimity.


The Grease Pole or “The Lissana Gaha”

This is an event which occurs during the Sri Lankan Sinhalese and Tamil new year celebrations. A very long timber pole made from a “Puwak tree”, about 10 meters high, is fixed into the ground. At the top of the pole Money or a flag is placed. Then the pole gets rubbed with thick slimy grease along its whole length and the first person to climb to the top claims the money. Sounds easy? It definitely isn't! Witness this amazing feat carried out by Sri Lankans during 2018’s New Year Celebrations during the month of April on the 13th and 14th.