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Top 10 scenic Wrecks and Reefs of Sri Lanka to Scuba Dive


             The waters around Sri Lanka are well known for having some of the Worlds most scenic Ship Wrecks and Coral Reefs. Scuba Diving in Sri Lanka will show you many fish which are endemic to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka’s offers many diving sites, some can only be braved by experienced seasoned divers but there are many small shipwrecks which can be explored by Amateur Divers.

Top 10 Ship Wrecks and Coral Reefs

Toilet Barge (Wreck)

Found off the coast of Colombo, This steamship is a true beauty. You can find this wreck rich of marine life, it also has an excellent Coral reef. What makes this steamer unique is that it features a toilet.

Taprobane North (Reef )

This Rare Garden of Soft Corals is accessible off the coast of Mount Lavinia and Colombo. It harbors various types of marine life, you can even find Giagantic Sting Rays here.

Thermopylae Sierra (Wreck)

This is a Cypriot wreck, which was anchored at the Colombo outer anchorage for more than 3 years. This Ship faced its ruin due to wage disputes between Owners, workers and Sri Lankan Ports. The ship sank on the 23rd of August in the year 2012. and then one year later the sunken ship has become a Divers paradise playing host to an amazing Coral Reef and a variety of Marine life. This Wreck is not completely submerged, the ship's mast and bridge are still stuck over the surface.

Battery Barge (Wreck)

Though it is a small Wreck which is broken up, It has an excellent Coral and Marine life.

Chief Dragon (Wreck)

The Chief Dragon is a Massive Car Carrier which sank on the 18th of March 1983. Its nickname is the Car Wreck, the name is derived from the signature Car chassis which can be found on the Deck of the Sunken Beast. Parts of the Ship were blown off by the Sri Lankan Navy to reduce hazards to this historic wreck. This Wreck is one of the biggest wrecks which can be found off the coast of Sri Lanka and exploring the whole of this wreck is impossible with one dive. The Colombo Car Wreck has a large collection of Marine life and a very Scenic Coral reef.

Gorgonian Gardens (Coral Reefs)

This is one of Sri Lanka’s most popular Coral Reefs, It definitely is one of the most beautiful sights the Underwater world of Sri Lanka has to offer. You will have to dive 35 meters to reach this beautiful Garden, as the name suggests this reef is home to a garden of breathtaking Gordons. When diving this sight it is against the law to use anchors in case the anchors damage the reef. In addition to the Gordons, you can witness shoals of Triger fishes here.

Great Basses ( Coral Reefs)

This reef can be found off the south-east coast of Sri Lanka. It is known as the last natural boundary of the Sri Lankan beach before the Indian Ocean. You can find many rare fish here including Portuguese siscs and White pointed Sharks. There are many caves and Wrecks to explore here.

HMS Hermes ( Wreck)

Found close by to Batticaloa, this is a wreck of a World War two ship. It was an Aircraft Carrier and was sunk by Japanese Air Strikes. You need to be a Level 3 Diver or a PADI technical diver to brave this dive.

Bull Dog Reef ( Reef)

Found in Kalpitiya, This dive site is regarded as the most beautiful Coral reef in the region. It is an excellent dive for macro enthusiasts.

Panadura Wreck (Wreck)

This is a wreck of an old Steamship found on the Southwest of Panadura. You can witness a gigantic Boiler and two massive anchors, along with parts of the Cabins. This Wreck has an excellent marine life around it.


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Scuba Diving?

          SCUBA stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, Scuba Diving allows you to breathe and Move Freely underwater. While scuba diving it is extremely important to follow the rules, if not the consequences can be fatal. While Diving does have a risk involved, it is not that difficult, the key is to understand and know your limits.

Health Benefits of Scuba Diving

  • Improves Respiratory System and Stamina
  • Develops arm and leg muscles
  • It is excellent for mental health, distracting the mind from Everday Distractions

Pre Requisites

  • Minimum age of 10 Years
  • Competent Swimmer
  • Medically sound

Tips and Tricks

  • It is always handy to purchase a mouthpiece which you fins comfortably if you do not own a Regulator, You can swap it our if your Rental doesn't suit you.
  • Advisable to take Sea sickness medication as most divers get seasick on the boat.
  • Drinking lots of water to avoid Dehydration is a lifesaver
  • Do not aggravate Marine life, encounters could prove fatal
  • Check your equipment before descending into the deep.