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Sri Lanka: What Is So Amazing About It?

Ever wondered why visiting Sri Lanka is always on anybody’s bucket list? Or why is it so popular, the trip? Within a small span of area, this tropical island covers various scenic beauties ranging from golden beaches, blue waters, historical sites, green hills and vibrant wildlife. UNESCO has also identified quite a number of national parks and heritage sites of Sri Lanka, making the trip to this destination more worthwhile.

Located close to the equator, an overall warm climate takes over the year including rains in between. In any case, the sun shines all over the country at all times, even right after the rains, giving no specific seasons to Sri Lanka. However the central up-country is quite cooler, ideal for adventurous hikes, treks through the forests and mountains, visits to numerous sparkling waterfalls and sips of amazing home-grown tea. Most travellers prefer to take the train to the hill country, where one can sit back, relax and witness the lush tea estates and white clouds above the peaks. Wildlife is rich and also endemic. Bio diversity parks such as Yala, Kumana, Wilpattu and the Sinharaja Rain Forest are home to a fascinating list of flora and fauna and are the perfect points to gather some amazing wildlife photographs.

The coastal areas are pretty sunny and offer the perfect setup for tanning. Unawatuna, Arugam Bay, Hikkaduwa and Kalpitiya are some of the best beaches for a soothing sea dive and a surf among the tides. Boat rides to the mid sea to watch whales and dolphins has become an activity looked forward to by all travellers./p>

Just as much as it is a hub of nature, Sri Lanka is also a land gifted with glorious history. The culture has been nourished with Buddhism and the traditional rituals and festivals are still conserved and practised exactly how they have been handed down by past generations. The ruins in Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Dambulla and Sigiriya portray the majestic past and the impressive skills of the ancient artist. Most historical sites were decorated with stone carvings or frescoes with unique and detailed designs and patterns. These creations evolved and were influenced by many eras and reigns. Dambulla cave temples, Sigiriya Rock Fortress and Ruwanwelisaya Stupa are some of the many sites that leave the spectator speechless, thinking how this amazing architecture and technology was made possible at a time such as thousand years back.

Hospitality is reviewed at the top by those who visit Sri Lanka, backed up by the delicious local cuisine. People of this island always carry a warm smile and are eager to help the travellers get around. The vibrant multi ethnicities of the country exhibit different languages, dishes and festivals. English is widely spoken in all parts of the country hence public transport and meals are easy to grab and are quite low in cost. This inviting vibe of Sri Lanka and its people attract a large number of tourists to it every year.

The trip to the pearl of the Indian ocean, Sri Lanka, will only make a traveller go back home with a bag full of photographs and a heart full of joyful memories with plans to visit it again.