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Brief Garden by Bevis Bawa


The Brief Garden 

Brief Garden is a landscape garden designed by Bevis Bawa (1909-1992), brother of world famous Geoffery Bava (1919-2003), as his retirement home. Visit to this wonderful garden will remind you of house in deep exotic jungle for a adventure movie. Entrance to the garden is marked by two statues among high and dense foliage. Passing the gate you will arrive at house, where you can buy tickets to the garden, and house with a guided tour which has a separate ticket from the garden.

You can travel through many paths in the garden, but every path ends at the house, so it's impossible to get lost physcally. However, mentally, you will travel through narrow spaces of a tropical jungle to a open spaces of a hevanly home with beautiful flowers and water works.

In its hayday, Brief Garden hosted high profile figures like Vivian Leigh, Lawrence Olivier, and Agatha Christie. Donald Friend, an Australian artist who wanted to stay for one week, stayed at the estate for more than 5 years.

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  • Landscape design by Bevis Bawa
  • Visits by famous people
  • Guided tour in the house