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Air Taxi


Air Taxi

          Using an Air taxi as opposed to the usual drawn-out ground taxies is guranteed to show you the beauty of Sri Lanka in a way in which not even many locals have seen. It is a journey which is guranteed to amaze. You can take Air Taxi’s to most of Sri Lanka’s Popular destinations and that too in 1/3 of the time the journey would take by land means of Travel.


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          Traveling in an Air Taxi is a very private means of Travel as the planes will only accommodate 15 passengers per run. Air taxies can be booked and used as a connecting flight to the destination where you will start your vacation. The planes usually used are twin otter planes. All planes are flown by Experienced licensed Pilots. During the Flight, you are expected to follow all rules of the flight for the safety of you and your fellow passengers. The Sea Planes land on some of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful Lakes and Tanks. You can also request helicopter tours around Sri Lanka. Though Air taxis are faster to travel by Helicopter tours give you more freedom to enjoy all the marvelous views.


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Popular Air Taxis in Sri Lanka

  • Cinnamon Air
  • Heli Tours
  • Sri Lankan Air Taxi
  • Deccan Aviation Lanka
  • Air Senok
  • Cosmos Aviation

Air Taxi

Image by Cinnamon Air

Above is a general map of the locations which air taxis visit in Sri Lanka this differs based on airline.