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Arcade Independence Square


Arcade Independence Square

Opened in 2012 Arcade Independence Square is a main commercial hub in Colombo. It is a Shopping Complex and was built as part of the Independence Square Redevelopment Programme initiated by the Sri Lankan Government. This Modern Renaissance of Colonial Grandeur was initially a group of buildings including the Former Jawatta Lunatic Asylum and former Western Provincial Council Building.


The Renovation of this Magnificent site was undertaken by the Ministry of Defence and the Urban Development Authority. The Sri Lankan Army and Navy were given the task of demolishing the aforementioned group of buildings and reconstructing this National Monument. The construction took approximately 200 soldiers and a time of nearly 2 years to fully renovate. It is important to note that the building still remains true to its original complex design without any alterations.

This Structure is a result of the “ beautification and development of the city of Colombo after the end of the war. The main activities available at “the Arcade” are Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment.

Shopping: Arcade houses some amazing outlets to purchase clothing, Sports equipment, and Electronics. It has some of the most amazing brands in-house both Local and Designer.
Eg: Nike outlets, Kookaburra Outlets, Samsung Outlets, Stone ‘N’ String Outlets Etc.

Dining: Arcade is a location with all sorts of Eateries and Dining Outlets available.
Eg : Kaema Sutra, Burger king, Paan Paan, Dilmah outlets Etc.

Entertainment: Arcade houses Sri Lanka’s first ever Boutique Cinema ‘ The Empire Cineplex’.