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Colombo City Centre


Colombo City Centre is a 47-storey mixed use development, comprising a five-storey 3,675 m2 (39,560 sq ft) retail space, a 164-room hotel and 192 residential apartments. The building is situated opposite Beira Lake, located at Sir James Pieris Mawatha, Colombo 02. The development was a joint venture between local company, the Abans Group, and Singaporean company, SilverNeedle Hospitality, at an estimated cost of US$170M. The construction was undertaken by Sanken Construction (Pvt.) Ltd. On the third storey of the retail mall will be a 415-seat food court, with 18-20 food outlets, operated by Food Studio (Sri Lanka). The hotel will be operated by Next Hotels.

The wait is over…. here it is now… remember the name… Colombo City Centre a super luxury mall consisting 5 floors of retail shopping and more floors as apartments is now open in the heart of Colombo overlooking the spectacular Beira Lake.

Built with a touch of modern architecture, the environment is filled with excitement with a thrilling ambience. It is indeed a must go place for  shopaholics who love to taste a bit of modernity and for all out there to have a great time with family and friends. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.

The best thing of Colombo City Centre is the location where it is situated in. Located in the heart of Colombo, just opposite to the well-known Gangarama Temple, which makes it convenient and easy for almost everyone to get there with no confusion. As you know the stretch of Beira Lake shows-off the best view of Colombo. And now there’s this too being added to its view which would enhance this areas popularity even more.


The mall is fully equipped with a state of the art parking facility where vehicles could move in and out at a very smooth flow.

The parking facility provided over here is totally free which has a capability to take care of more than 100 vehicles of all kinds. The entrance would surprise you as it is adorned with glamour and class welcoming you in style to Sri Lanka’s first ever shopping mall.

On busy days, parking could get filled and there are spaces around the area to park your vehicle.



What’s there?

This amazing construction consists of 3 complete floors filled with shops, 6 types of 4K cinemas, a tempting food court hosting cuisines of many Asian countries, an indoor active gaming centre at the entrance, a convenient car park, a nail spa, and at last on the top which opens gates to providing shelter to hundreds of families through luxury apartments is all being made available here for individuals to live in style.


Many local brands and upcoming products have received an opportunity to reveal their products to shoppers in the mall. This indeed would be a motivating turn to all young entrepreneurs who could start striving for more in future.


What Brands?

Local Brands

You would be able to see many stores of local brands and products which are of high quality. Odel, Amari, Bakamuna, Jezza, Avirate, Kadapatha, Spa Ceylon are some popular attractions that are familiar among the Sri Lankans.

International Brands

What adds more exquisite value to the mall are the high rated international brands that are available over here. Armani exchange, Swarovski, Aldo, Charles and Keith, Body Shop, Mother Care, Carolina Herrera, Nike, Apple are some of them. These official brands give the mall a special ambience and of course a touch of class. Both brand freaks and ordinary shoppers too could explore the world of branded products over here.


‘Food Studio’ for all food lovers

It is a usual practice of Sri Lankans to have a taste bud closer to our country. Which is indeed a taste of Asian food. In order to cater towards the taste of the nation, the food court consists of cuisine from many Asian countries. You would be having an opportunity to gain the experience of Japanese food, Indonesian, Thai, Indian, Singaporean, Malaysian, Sri Lankan, Chinese and many more outlets of mixed varieties of fast food. Burgers, juices, MC Donald’s, sandwiches, salads, and pizzas are some of the other selections which attract people to taste.

Colombo City Centre food court is designed at an elegant style making its space suitable for almost any occasion. Call it a birthday party, anniversary, official business meetings or even a first date could all be held here featuring a range of cuisine catering to anyone’s mood.



What’s there for kids?

Not forgetting the fact that kids too need a special place to have some fun.  The mall is keeps hosting special kiddies art and craft workshops for children to engage in while parents could do their shopping freely.

It also hosts a variety of child friendly games at the arena in the first floor creating a lively environment around mall. The food court also offers a range of child friendly meals that is totally safe to be consumed by kids of any age.


Entertaining the modern generation

The entertainment has been taken towards the next level where the shoppers are being given a chance to be involved in some active gaming which is exciting and thrilling. This gaming session is hosted in the centre of the mall at the first floor which is made visible for spectators to watch and enjoy too. A fine host would be there explaining the rules and regulations of the game and conducting it in a very lively manner keeping the spectators and players all hyped up.

The winners are also applauded and felicitated with some prizes and tokens at certain times which increases the interest among people.

An extra ordinary experience for Shoppers

The shops stationed at the mall are exclusively designed and planned to cater to a classy yet elegant crowd who adores the latest trends and fashion modes. The fashion made available here caters the young and old of every age making it easy and convenient for almost anyone and everyone to find something interesting and attractive over here.

Therefore a purchase operation is being transacted every millisecond at this mall making it a huge success indeed.


A special thought is also being given to infants and toddlers as “Mothercare” is launched at this mall making it a prominent store specially assigned for children.


“Miniso” currently a new and popular shop among Sri Lankans,  is also stationed at the Colombo City Centre making the crowed more excited and happy. This specific store has almost everything you need for a happy lifestyle. The Japanese oriented shop indeed displays a variety of tech, beauty, storage products, shoes, soft toys, cutlery, lunch boxes and bottles, kid’s toys, stationery and so much more for a very reasonable price. The relaxed price tags displayed on the products makes it more flexible and achievable for shoppers to purchase items over here at any time.


ODEL which is Sri Lanka’s most popular department store, proudly presents three different stores ranging ODEL sports, ODEL clothing and handbags too. This satisfies more customers with better shopping options to suit their expectations.

Spa Ceylon

Another iconic store reaching towards success on a high note is also waiting over here to meet you and help you get the best cosmetic products for your skin. The all natural product concept indeed is a huge attraction to hundreds of tourist flocking over here to find the best product that suits them.


A Sri Lankan born creation serves the best women’s tops to suit almost any elegant function you need to attend. The clothing is varied from formal, average to informal range which could be convenient for you to select them quick and easy.


Jezza is a new and upcoming clothing brand by a young and talented entrepreneur who wish to reach high steps in future. The store keeps improving on designs day by day attracting hundreds of young and middle aged women towards a trendier path. There are many more eye catching shops available at the mall and all of them contain something unique and special which brings more glamour to the store.


Luxurious apartment in Colombo City Centre

Finally on the right top of the mall stands an exquisite and luxurious apartment opening doors for home makers to find shelter inside in an absolute classy manner. Luxury has been taken into a whole new extra ordinary level of living. The comfort and hospitality along with high standards of design and infrastructure is all well planned for you to live the dream you have always wanted.

The Colombo City Centre project is indeed the talk of the town among every neighborhood as it is the most loved place to be visited at present.


Colombo City Centre Contact Details


Phone: +9476 665 2652

Address: 137 Sir James Pieris Mawatha, Colombo 00200