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Colombo to Galle Train Ride


        Being the Major tourist Hub it is, There are a number of ways how you can reach Galle, But the Fastest Would be to use the Train. When using the Galle Train you will be treated to a fabulous view of the Coast. On the way, you will pass Swampy Marshlands and Paddy Fields with Rice. 


Train Time Table

Colombo to Galle (Return)

DepartureTime (Hours) ArrivalTime (Hours) Train Type ClassAir ConditionedTicket Fare ($)
Colombo06.30Galle09.19Express2nd and 3rd No11
Colombo 08.35Galle 10.49 Express 2nd and 3rd No 11 
Colombo10.30 Galle 12.42 Express 2nd and 3rd No 11 
Colombo 14.25 Galle 16.31 Express 2nd and 3rd No 11 
Colombo 15.50 Galle 17.34 Express 2nd and 3rd No 11 
Colombo 16.46 Galle 18.45 Mon- Fri 2nd and 3rd No 11 
Colombo 17.25 Galle 19.35 Sat- Sun2nd and 3rd No 11 
Colombo 17.30 Galle 20.10 Mon- Fri 2nd and 3rd No 11 
Colombo 18.05 Galle 20.28 Mon- Fri 2nd and 3rd No 11 
Colombo 17.55 Galle 21.26 Sat- Sun 2nd and 3rd No 11 
Colombo 19.30 Galle 22.55 Express 2nd and 3rd No 11 
Galle 03.40Colombo09.19Mon- Fri2nd and 3rd No 11 
Galle 04.15 Colombo 10.49 Express 2nd and 3rd  No 11 
Galle 05.00 Colombo 12.42 Mon- Sat 2nd and 3rd  No 11 
Galle 06.00 Colombo 16.31 Mon- Fri 2nd and 3rd  No 11 
Galle 06.55 Colombo 17.34 Express 2nd and 3rd  No 11 
Galle 07.25 Colombo 18.45 Mon- Fri, Sun 2nd and 3rd  No 11 
Galle07.50 Colombo 19.35 Sat 2nd and 3rd  No 11 
Galle 10.55 Colombo 20.10 Express 2nd and 3rd  No 11 
Galle 14.45 Colombo 20.28 Express 2nd and 3rd  No 11 
Galle 15.35 Colombo 21.26 Express 2nd and 3rd  No 11 
Galle 16.50 Colombo 22.55 Sat- Sun  2nd and 3rd  No 11 

Galle to Colombo


Train (Railway) schedule

Date: 2018-11-28

Distance: 113.9KM

Contact Number

Ticket Price

Price may increased with new rates
1st ClassLKR 340.00
2nd ClassLKR 180.00
3rd ClassLKR 100.00