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Colombo to Kandy Train Ride


Kandy and Colombo are two of the main cities in Sri Lanka. Both cities have a large tourist presence. Kandy having some of Sri Lanka’s major attractions including the sacred Sri Dalada Maligawa is a very busy city. Hence taking the usual traffic filled road can prove tiresome and boring at times. But taking a train from the Colombo Fort Railway Station will prove to be both Time Consuming and a relaxing experience.



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Train Time Table

Colombo to Kandy (Return)

DepartureTime (Hours) ArrivalTime (Hours) Train NumberTrain Type ClassAir ConditionedTicket Fare ($)
Colombo05.55Kandy08.421005Express2nd ClassNo10 
Colombo05.55Kandy08.421005Express1st ClassYes11 
Colombo07.00Kandy09.311009Express2nd ClassNo10 
Colombo  08.30 Kandy 11.031015 Express 2nd Class No 10 
Colombo 08.30Kandy11.031015Express1st ClassYes11 
Colombo9.00Kandy11.311031(Sat and Sun only)ObservationNo11 
Colombo 10.35Kandy13.521019Express1st ClassYes11 
Colombo 15.35Kandy18.061029Express2nd ClassNo10 
Colombo  15.35Kandy18.061029ExpressObservationNo11 
Colombo 17.20  Kandy20.03 1033 FS (Fri and Sun only)1st Class Yes 11 
Kandy 06.15  Colombo08.52 1030  ExpressObservation   No11 
Kandy12.50  Colombo15.27 1016 Express 1st Class Yes 11 
Kandy12.50  Colombo15.27 1016 Express 2nd Class No 10
Kandy 15.00  Colombo17.36 1010 Express Observation No 11
Kandy 15.30  Colombo18.50 1020 Express 1st Class Yes 11 
Kandy  16.05 Colombo18.57 1006 Express 1st Class Yes 11