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Diyasaru Wetland Park


Diyasaru Wetland Park

          Diyasuru Park is an artificial Wetland built near Thalawathugoda in Colombo. It is managed by the Wetland Management Division, Sri Lanka Land Reclamation, and Development Corporation. The Parks overall aim is to provide a nature-based experience for its visitors. The Park also attempts to demonstrate how the use of wetlands and the integration of green infrastructure is beneficial to city development.

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         The Wetland park stands at 60 acres and is home a wide variety of animals. It houses over 50 types of migratory birds, over 15 varieties of fish and over 25 species of butterfly’s. You can also find fishing cats, otters, and estuarine crocodiles. Diyasuru Park consists of many marshy areas, woody patches and artificially created lakes and ponds.

          When planning your vacation to Sri Lanka, Diyasuru Wetland Park is an excellent location within Colombo to unwind and get away from the busy city.