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Hire Driver and Guide


Driver and Guide

          Our Drivers vision is to help travelers to find a memorable experience and enjoy the destination. Tripnino offers three options in terms of transport.

  1. Driver (English, Japanese, French etc.. speaking drivers)
  2. Chauffeur Guide  (English, Japanese, French etc.. speaking guides)
  3. Driver and Guide

          Being a paradise island in the Indian ocean; it is easy to find a driver or guide in any tourist area, but what Tripnino offers is something more than just a driver. Tripnino offers you a companion to accompany you on your grand adventure. Our Guides and Drivers are well versed in the history and Culture of Sri Lanka, They will also be fluent in English and we can provide you with a driver or guide who speaks your native tongue as per request. You will have maximum Freedom to go where you want at any time you want conditions apply.

          We provide you with 3 options in terms of vehicles, Sedan Car’s which can accommodate 2 – 3 people with luggage, Mini Vans which can accommodate 1 – 5 with luggage and Vans which can accommodate 6 – 8 but with a request from our travelers can accommodate 6 – 10. Our Drivers live by 3 rules Tripnino Travelers Comfort, Safety and last but not least Style. We aim to guarantee that our services suit your budget and comfort range.

          Our Website calculates and gives you immediate costings based on the excursions you have selected. Fuel is Completely free regardless of the distance you travel. Unlike many transport providers in Sri Lanka you need not worry about Driver accommodation, Our Drivers will manage their own bedding. Our travelers need not worry about your Driver taking you to locations which hold little interest for you because of the commission he gets; All excursions and Destinations will proceed according to Itinerary with exception of course on request by our beloved travelers.

 Tripnino Drivers Responsibilities

  1. English Speaking
  2. At your call at all times
  3. Stopping at regular appropriate intervals
  4. Vehicle Cleanliness
  5. Being Knowledgeable about Locations you visit.
  6. Basic First Aid Knowledgeable
  7. Driving within Speed Limits at all times

         On request, we will be able to provide a Child Seat and also a portable Wifi Router with conditions applying. Your Driver will be there to pick you up at least 15 minutes before your scheduled departure.