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Gallery Cafe


Gallery Cafe

The Gallery Cafe initially served as the offices of World Renowned Architect, Geoffery Bawa. Geoffrey is regarded as the Father of Sri Lankan Architecture. Many of the properties which he designed and created are some of the foremost landmarks of Sri Lanka. The location as the Gallery cafe was personally designed and brought to being by Geoffrey Bawa himself. It is said that this was one of his favorite properties.


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Geoffery Bawa eventually agreed with the Chairman of the Paradise Road brand, Udayshanth Fernando and approved of the conversion of the office to the Gallery and Resturant which stands today. It is said that bawa approved of the converstion out of his respect to Fernando’s sense of Design. Opened in the year 1998, Fernando did not let down Bawa’s expectations and made Gallery Cafe into one of the most Beautiful Resturants in Colombo.

The Gallery cafe offers some of the tastiest food Colombo has to offer. Featuring both local and International cuisine, Gallery Cafe is the place to be for a night filled with ambiance and great food. In addition to the cafe; Gallery Cafe is also host to many exhibitions which gives a chance to established and new local artists to showcase their masterpieces.