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Geoffery Bawa Residence "No 11"


Geoffery Bawa Residence "No 11"

Residence “No 11” by Geoffery Bawa is one of Sri Lanka’s most recognized residencies. Geoffrey Bawa is known as the Father of Sri Lankan Architecture. He is the principal force behind what is today known globally as tropical modernism. Many of the projects which Bawa has designed and created are among Sri Lanka’s foremost Landmarks.


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Residence No 11 is no different from Geoffrey's other works, it truly is a masterpiece. This house served as Geoffery’s personal home in Colpetty. Bawa purchased one house from the 33rd lane in the year 1958 and with time brought several cottages which surround the house. With over a decades worth of Developing Residence No 11 is truly spectacular.

This three-storeyed Villa features many interesting aspects. Once entering through the main doorway you will be greeted into Bawa’s Garage which features some truly Vintage cars, including a 1934 Drophead Coupe Rolls Royce and a Classic Mercedes Coupe. Inside you will get a chance to witness Geoffrey Bawa’s collection of Books and Antiques which he gathered over his life. Bawa’s Bedroom and Office is kept in the state in which Geoffrey used it.


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Things to do

Take the tour (Monday to Saturday: 10.00 am, 2.00 pm, 3.30 pm ) (Sunday: 10.00 am only)

Accommodation on BB basis.