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National Museum of Natural History Colombo


          Located close to the national museum of Colombo, the national museum of Natural History is one of the few museums which covers the natural heritage of Sri Lanka. It was opened to the public on September 23 in the year 1986. This is the only museum solely dedicated to showcasing the Natural Heritage of Sri Lanka.

history museum colombo

          This Museum showcases a lot of Animals, Rocks, and Plants which are endemic to Sri Lanka.There are many Exhibits which are unique to Sri Lanka.

Rare Exhibits:

  • The Leopard of Punani: This Leopard killed over 10 people from the Village of Punani.
  • Jaw Bone of a Blue whale (10 Feet in Height)
  • Rare Specimen of a Goat with two Heads, eight legs, and two tails.
  • The Gigantic Skull of a Megacerus Giganteus( Elk) with its huge horns: It is an extinct species of Stag and was a gift by Lord Eniskilen in the year 1950.

The Museum of Natural History is open every day of the week from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm except on Public Holidays.