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Lotus Tower "Nelum Kuluna"


The Lotus Tower

          “Nelum Kuluna” or the Lotus Tower, is a tower currently under construction in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The tower will be used for Lesuire facilities, an observation hub, and communication. Once the Tower is finished it will stand at 350m and will be the tallest tower in all of South Asia, it will also be the Worlds fifth highest tower.

          The building's design is inspired by the Lotus Flower, which symbolizes purity within the Sri Lankan Culture. The tower will have four entrances, with two being used for distinguished guests and state leaders. The towers podium will have 6 floors.

1st floor: A museum and 2 exhibition halls.

2nd floor: Conference Halls with 500 seating Capacity

3rd floor: Resturants, Supermarkets, and Food Courts

4th floor: A 1000 seat Auditorium

5th floor: Luxury Hotel Rooms and Large Ballrooms

6th floor: Observation gallery.


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         Though not yet completed the Nelum Kuluna is a spectacle to behold, and definitely, after its conclusion, it will definitely be a major tourist attraction in Sri Lanka.