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Dambatenne Tea Factory


Dambatenne Tea Factory

The Dabatanne Tea factory lies 9km away from the town of Haputale. To reach the Factory you have to either take a public bus, tuk-tuk or your own rented vehicle. It will take around 20 minutes from the town of Haputale. The Tea factory was built and established in the year 1890 by Sir Thomas Lipton.

The Entrance fees for the Tea factory is around 300 Rupees per head.For the ticket price, you will get a guided tour around the Factory. There are three stages you will witness. The First being the process of Tea leaves being bought into the factory and undergoing to the refining process. The next process when the tea is categorized into different levels of refining.The next stage is when the tea is heated, cooled and then packaged ready for shipment.


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You will be able to take photos of stage one but it is common courtesy not to take photos during the second and third stage as workers will be at work.You can purchase Local tea right from the Factory itself.


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Things to do around the Factory:

  • Enjoy the spectacular views of the surrounding mountains
  • Walk among the tea Plantations