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Dambulla Cave Temple


The Golden Temple of Dambulla

Dambulla is located in the central part of Sri Lanka and falls alongside the Sigiriya cultural tour. The cave temple is also known as the Golden Temple. The most famous icon of this temple is the Golden statue of the Buddha, and the statues in the caves that are of Buddha, kings, gods and goddesses.  Not to forget the paintings done across the walls and the ceiling of the cave, displaying images of Bodhi Satva, Buddha and other linear and floral designs.

Historians believe that prehistoric Sri Lankans may have used these caves as shelter, as excavations have revealed human skeletons in the area.  This cave temple is also known as the best preserved of its kind, as the colours on the paintings still remain fresh and vibrant even after coming through various climatic changes over such long years.

The Dambulla caves are built at the base of a 150 meter high rock during Anuradapura and Polonnaruwa times. The entrance to the caves is of the slope of the Dambulla rock. The view of the surroundings is a spectacular one also giving the sight of Sigiriya which is 19 kms away.

The interior of the caves bring a cooling and soothing sensation to one who visits it. Each detailed design on the walls, and each carving on the statues silently reveals the glory of ancient Sri Lanka and its people.


  • Unesco World Heritage
  • Artwork
  • Prehistoric findings