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Pidurangala Rock


Pidurangala Rock 

          Described as Sigiriya's Smaller yet less crowded Neighbor, Pakuranga lies a few kilometers north of the Lion Rock of Sri Lanka. Due to it being far more difficult to climb than Sigiriya, Pidurangala is often overlooked by tourists.

          At the bottom of this massive rock, you can find a temple constructed in the 1930’s.It is advisable to wear appropriate clothing if you plan on visiting the temple because you might not be admitted inside depending on it, but if you have no plans on entering the temple then Hiking shorts or loose clothing is fine. Alternative routes will lead you various Buddha statues throughout the mountain. It is advisable to keep an eye out for water snakes and various wildlife, If you pay attention you will witness many beautiful camouflaged animals.

          It is fair to say that this is a harder climb than Sigiriya as Sigiriya consists of all steps but Pidurangala only has stairs at the start of the climb leading till the temple, But from there on it is all boulders to climb. Regardless of the tiresome climb to the top, the view which greets you from the top is definitely worth it. Many tourists pay a lot of money to witness the beauty of the Sigiriya rock but little do they know that the best view of Sigiriya is not from atop Sigiriya itself but from its neighboring brother.