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Sigiriya Craft Village


Sigirya Craft Village

The Sigiriya Craft village is a popular excursion in the city of Sigiriya. Found in the Cultural Triangle, This Craft Village is part of the concept introduced by the national crafts council to encourage Craftsmen to work in an environment suitable for there talents and occupation. Crafting is a delicate art which requires a peaceful and tranquil working environment and these Villages provide exactly that, a safe haven away from the daily bustle and clamor of the city.

This Handicraft Village was opened to the public in 2003. 48 Stalls can be found here. The best part of this Village is that every independent stall has its own type of handicrafts. And it is not just from one material but from various elements. Visitors also have the option of purchasing Artifacts and goods directly from the manufacturers itself.

The Sigiriya Craft Village is an excellent location to visit while in the cultural triangle. This excursion is guranteed to show you the talents of Sri Lankan Folk.