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National Maritime Museum of Galle


National Maritime Museum of Galle

The National Maritime Museum of Galle is one location which would give you a perfect taste of Galle’s rich History. Situated in within the Galle Fort. This museum is full of Maritime artifacts which were found from ship Wrecks, some even dating centuries back. It was first opened to the public on the 9th of May in the year 1992.

Unfortunately, the 2004 Tsunami which hit Sri Lanka caused massive damage to this museum causing it to close its doors for 6 years. This tsunami also caused the destruction of the UNESCO Archaeological Marine Unit which was a joint project between Sri Lankans and Dutchmen. Only 20% of the 3600 objects were salvaged from the shipwrecks after the tsunami.

On the 4th of March in the year 2010, the Museum was officially reopened as the first National Maritime Museum of Galle. It was opened 6 years after its initial destruction with the help of a special grant of 177 Million LKR from the kingdom of Netherlands. The original Museum which consisted of 40, 000 square feet was fully renovated with this grant.


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The Museum is divided into two main Divisions: Cultural and Science. Under the Cultural division you can find Ethnology and Anthropology; and under the Science division, you can find zoology, Geology, and Entomology. The museum also hosts a Shop where you can purchase various artifacts and a library. While visiting this museum you have the opportunity of witnessing various artifacts over 800 years old including artillery guns and Naval Crafts.