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Kaudulla National Park Jeep Safari


Kaudulla National Park 

          Kaudulla National park is located in the Polonnaruwa region of Sri Lanka and is 190km away from Colombo. The best period to visit this national park is from August through December.It can be reached via the Colombo Trincomalee main road.The closest railway station is at Minneriya. This National Park covers an area of 6656 hectares.


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         It was designated a national park on the 1st of April 2002 becoming the 15th National Park of Sri Lanka. Along with Minneriya National Park and Girithale Birdlife, international Kaudulla has been identified as a bird watchers paradise in Sri Lanka. Initially, Kaudulla was one of the 16 irrigation tanks built by King Mahasen. It was then abandoned and then rebuilt again and now it supports many varieties of plant and animal life. The main source of water is the giant canal around the tank.

         In the year 2004 and 2005 more than 10,000 people visit4ed the national park, generating an income of Rs. 100,000 from Entrance fees. Like Minneriya National park lets you get up close and personal with Elephants. You can also find 23 other species of mammals and 26 species of fish and 25 species of reptiles and more than 160 species of birds here.