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Hikkaduwa National Park


Sri lanka's beautiful Underwater World

          Along with the Pigeon island, Hikkaduwa Marine National Park is one of the two marine national parks found in Sri Lanka. The Main reef is a typical fringing Coral reef with a sheltered Lagoon and Shallow Crest.The Coral Reef starts at the Fishing Harbour and extends for about 4 km.


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          60 species of Corals and over 170 species of fish can be found at Hikkaduwa. Many varieties of Prawns, Crabs, Shrimps, and Oysters also live here. You can find Black tip reef Sharks and Sea turtles in the shallows too. Some of the Older Larger Sea Turtles have become accustomed to humans and can be approached.


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           It was first declared a Wildlife sanctuary in the year 1979 then it was updated to a nature reserve in 1988, And finally it was declared to a national park on 2002, being declared a marine national park is the highest level of protection afforded to a marine ecosystem. The Hikkaduwa Corals were damaged severely by the 2004 boxing day tsunami; however the Coral Reef is on its way back up to its former glory.


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          There is a range of activities to enjoy while at Hikkaduwa National Park You can go Snorkeling or even rent a glass-bottomed boat and go on a boat safari. If you are an enthusiast of the conservation of Corals this excursion is a must have on your agenda.


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