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Founded in 1972 as an orphanage by Rev and Mrs Anna Greta and Jacob Perera, Fridsro got its start as an institution that was dedicated to helping and serving orphaned and destitute children. Since then our organization has evolved into a rights-based organization and we work primarily in the areas of Child Rights and Disability Rights. The Fridsro Children’s Home is a core part of our organization although the bigger part of our work is done with and within communities in need where we use a Community Based Development model to advocate for change and development with and within the communities we serve.Their main mission is to provide a safe haven for children in need and to work for the inclusion and empowerment for all marginalized groups in society.                                                                               




"CFC works with at-risk children to ensure that they will be able to stay with their families and lead normal lives." This project is based on the principals we have learnt through our CBR work and is a Community Based Initiative. We do advocacy work, health clinics, awareness building, teacher training, self employment help and formation of children’s and parents groups. To date we are actively involved with over 1000 families in a holistic way to improve the lives of all children in Sri Lanka. Our main office is in Katugastota Kandy.


"FCCD is based in Nuwara Eliya and consists of 5 locations Moonplains Estate, Galway Village, Mahagastotte Estate, Bandaranayaka Town, and Manickwatte Estate, where we provide preschool and day care facilities, after school care, health services and awareness building for the children of the plantation workers in the tea estates."

This is an especially marginalized group in Sri Lankan society and our project is aimed at helping these children overcome the hurdles they face, empowering them to overcome their circumstances and break the cycle of poverty. Our primary campus is in Nuwara Eliya.

"FCH is where we serve orphans and destitute children." We strive to be the best guardians we can for the children in our care until they can be reunited with their parents or guardians, find new families through local adoption or are able to stand on their own two feet. Our goal is to nurture them through life to become healthy and able citizens of our country. The Children’s Home also encompasses a pre-school and an elder’s home. These children are resident with us at our main campus in Bokkawela.

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Things To Do

  •  provide a safe and nurturing environment for children in Sri Lanka who are orphans, victims of poverty, abuse and disenfranchisement, catering to their physical, emotional and psychological well-being.
  • work with and within communities to ensure the inclusion and equality of all marginalized groups including those affected by extreme poverty, the disabled community, victims of natural disasters and war affected in Sri Lanka.
  • work for the betterment of the country of Sri Lanka by working in cooperation with all stakeholders within the laws of the country to ensure that all individuals in need have a chance to have their needs met and their voices heard