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Kandy City Tour


Kandy City Tour

          Declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1988, Kandy is considered a main city in Sri Lanka and is also the last capital of the Sinhala King’s Era of the country. This beautiful city is located amidst hills, rich greenery with a cooling climate. Plantations such as tea are quite a common site in Kandy. Travelling time to Kandy from the capital Colombo is about 3 hours.

           The most popular fact about Kandy is the Temple of Tooth that houses the Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha. Thousands of Buddhists and also Non-Buddhists from around the world arrive here to visit the temple. The annual Kandy Esala Perahera that is conducted by the Temple of Tooth in the months of July-August is another reason to have attracted such many people to this city.


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           There are many other local attraction points in Kandy apart from the above too. Bahirawa Kanda temple is another Buddhist temple famous for the up climb and the huge statue of Buddha looking upon the city. Kandy Lake, Bogambara Prison, Kandy Clock tower are some symbols that relate to both local and colonial texture in its appearance and history. The architecture of the buildings and designs carved on them are customized according to the different reigns that ran the state. Peradeniya University and the Botanical Park in Kandy resemble the quality education facilities availing in all places in the country.


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           At a glance, Kandy must not be missed at all if one is in Sri Lanka.