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Royal Botanical Gardens of Peradeniya


Sanctuary of Botanists 

Located 5.6 km to the west of Kandy lies Sri Lanka’s largest botanical garden. The Royal Botanical Gardens or Peradeniya attracts over 2 million Visitors annually. Peradeniya gardens span over 147 acres and are home to over 4000 species of plants. Many highlights can be witnessed in this sanctuary to botanists, including

  • The Century-old Java Fig Tree: the roots of this massive tree covers an enormous area of about 1800 square meters.
  • The Cannonball Tree: This tree was planted in 1901 by King George V and Queen Mary of the United Kingdom.
  • The Giant Bamboo of Burma: This tree is capable of growing 40 meters in height with a 25-centimeter steam Diameter. It can grow by a rapid 30 centimeters per day.

The Royal Peradeniya Botanical Gardens were founded in the year 1821 and is 460m above sea level. The Garden of Peradeniya officially was formally opened in the year 1843 with plants brought in from many locations from all over Sri Lanka; Peradeniya Gardens also contains plants from all over the world. The National Herbarium of Sri Lanka is also attached to the Garden.


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When planning your Trip to Sri Lanka, The Royal Peradeniya Botanical Gardens would be an ideal location to take a relaxing stroll through some amazing flowers and plants.