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Lunugamvehera National Park


Lunugamvehera National Park

          The Lunugamvehera national park lies 261 Km away from Colombo. It is one of the most important National parks in the Uva region. This sanctuary was built to protect the wildlife and the catchment area of the Lunugamvehera Reservoir. This catchment area which is protected by this water park is Crucial for maintain the water levels of the Five water tanks including the wetlands at the Bundala National Park.


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          This National Park was closed to the Civil war which plagued Sri Lanka for 26 years.Lunugamvehera serves as a corridor for the Elephants migrating between Yala and Udawalawe National Parks.This park includes 21 Species of fish, 12 species of Amphibians, 183 species of Birds, 33 species of Reptiles and 43 Species of Mammals.