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Wasgamuwa National Park Jeep Safari


The Plains of Wasgamuwa


          Wasgamuwa National Park was one of the four national parks designated under the Mahaveli devolopment plan and was declared a national park in the year 1984. The name Wasgamuwa is derived from the word ‘Walas Gamuwa’ which translates to Sloth Bear Woods.It is located in the Matale and Polonnaruwa Districts, and the nearest city is Matale. This national park is situated 225km from Colombo.

          The soil which can be found in this national park contains quartz and marble. It generally has a Dry Zone Climate and the normal temperature ranges around 28’ C. Wasgamuwa also boasts one of the highest Biodiversity among protected areas of Sri Lanka. It is host to a herd of more than 150 Elephants and more than a 150 types of Floral Species.


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Animals found here:

  • Sri Lankan Leopard
  • Sloth Bear
  • Water Buffalos
  • Purple-faced Langurs
  • Water Monitors
  • Crocodiles
  • 8 species of Endemic Butterflies
  • 143 Species of Birds.