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Mirissa Whale Watching (Season: Dec - Apr)


Mirissa has always been a relaxing beach holiday destination in Sri Lanka but it’s popularity has increased because of its whale and dolphin watching tours. Each year, a massive number of travelers are attracted to Mirissa from November to April, known as the perfect season for whale/dolphin watching. The ocean remains calm and warm during this period, making it a successful trip to the Indian Ocean to spot some Fin Whales, Bryde’s Whales, Risso’s Dolphins and even Striped Dolphins. This natural attraction point has opened up new avenues for tourism in Sri Lanka and has added more color to the Down South trip that no traveler ever wants to miss.

An Early Morning Boat Ride To The Indian Ocean

Tour guides and boats are many at the Mirissa harbor. Each observation boat comes with an observation deck and can comfortably accommodate 40 passengers. The journey starts from the Mirissa harbor at 7 in the morning, creating the energetic atmosphere for a boat ride to the ocean.

Passengers should reach the harbor by 6.45 AM. Staying at Mirissa the previous day is a good solution to arrive on time. The village around the harbor provides economical, warm homestays and guest houses within walkable distance from the harbor. The travelers can enjoy a delicious home cooked breakfast before their trip and be fully geared up for the sea tour! However most of the boats also do provide a light snack on the way. The tour guides make sure that best safety assurance and equipment are provided in case of emergency. It is advised for the passengers to carry seasickness pills, as it is quite common to fall sick traveling by sea.

The boats set off to the deep blue sea which is a journey unforgettable. As the boats drift away from the land, the blue sky and waters take its place soothing the soul and mind. The crew is friendly and are likely to share their life stories in the sea. The boats are filled with excited foreigners with cameras ready for the whales and dolphins that can show up anytime. After an hour or so, the boats rest in the middle of the ocean known as the view spot. According to the guides, whales stay closer to land than the dolphins, thus can be viewed easily. It is a thrilling sight to see the whales slapping their flukes against the water. They appear and disappear into the waves building the curiosity of the viewers.

After quite a number of whales are spotted, the boats set off for the dolphins

After quite a number of whales are spotted, the boats set off for the dolphins. Dolphins usually swim in pods, that consists of around 12 dolphins. Known as very amiable creatures, dolphins at Mirissa put up quite a show at the sight of humans. They whistle and swim closer to the boats, and if one is lucky there is a chance to touch them as well. Passengers are not permitted to swim with the dolphins. However, everyone will definitely have a good collection of photos, and memories during this ride. The boats ride back to the harbor by 1 PM in time for lunch.

The Mirissa whale/dolphin watching is a unique experience as it is seeing them in their natural habitat. The tour packages are very much affordable out of which one can choose according to their preference. We hope you tick off Mirissa from your bucket list this year!


  • Whale and dolphin watching in the natural habitat
  • Boat ride to the Indian ocean
  • Fishing industry in the Mirissa Harbor