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Buduruwagala Rock Carvings


Buduruwagala Rock Carvings

The Buduruwagala means the rock of Buddhist Sculptures.It is an ancient Buddist Temple situated around 7 km away from Wellawaya which is in the Monaragala District. Buduruwagala is a main religious heritage site.

You can find many sculptures which are over 1000 years old from this temple. You can find the tallest Standing Buddha statue of Sri Lanka at this location. These sculptures are the main attraction of this temple; They are divided in to “The Central Figures” and the “The other Figures”. There are many legends about who the statues depict but the most common belief is that the Central figures are of the Bodhisattva of Compassion, Avalokitesvara, his female consort, Tara and Prince Sudhana. The Other Figures are believed to be Vajrpani, Vishnu or Sahampath Brahma.

On the way to Buduruwagala Temple keep an eye out for local Birds, it is an excellent location for bird watchers.