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Katunayake International Airport


Bandaranaike International Airport

Beginning as the Royal Airforce airfield in the year 1944, The Bandaranaike International Airport has come a long way. Also known as the Katunayake Airport and the Colombo International airport it was officially opened as the main international airport in the year 1967. Located 32.5 Km from Colombo The Katunayake Airport serves as the main hub for Sri Lanka’s national air carrier, Sri Lankan Airlines and also Sri Lanka’s Domestic air carrier, Cinnamon Air.

BIA has three terminals:

Terminal 1: this terminal was opened in the year 1967 and has served as the oldest and largest terminal in the airport since. With over 12 gates, Arrival and Departure areas are separated horizontally.

Terminal 2: this terminal is still under construction and the opening date is said to be in the year 2019. It is said to have 8 gates with arrivals and departures and are separated vertically.

Terminal 3: Opened in the year 2012 Terminal 3 handles all the domestic Flights.

Please Note:

    • You can receive a sim card free of charge while exiting the airport, just visit out of the Mobile outlets and the exit.
    • You can also find plenty of transport options outside the airport including shuttle buses and taxis.

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