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Pigeon Island


Pigeon Island 

Located 1 Km off the Coast of Nilaweli Beach, Lies one of Sri Lanka’s Marine National Parks, Pigeon Island. It is 280 Km away from Colombo and is a 6 – 7 hour Drive. This famous island gets its name from the immense number of Blue Rock Pigeons inhabiting it. The Blue Rock Pigeon is an Endangered Species.

The island is only approachable by boat and it will usually cost around 2000 LKR for a round trip. It was opened for tourism as a marine national park in the year 2002. Pigeon island consists of two islands, one larger than the other. The Larger island is fringed by a Coral reed and the Smaller one by rocky islets. Please note you are advised to wear Footwear around the Larger Island shore as there are many broken corals which can be extremely sharp and cause infection if injured by.

Things to Do:

  • Swimming
  • Scuba Dive among the Coral Reef
  • Snorkel
  • Boat tours with glass bottoms
  • Bird Watching

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There are over a 100 Types of Corals and 178 species of Fish which can be found here. The Best Season to visit Pigeon island is April through to September, due to the Sea being Calmer. Please note that Pet Animals are not allowed on the island. The entrance price to the park is 10 – 15 Dollars.