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Ambewela Farms


Ambewela Farms

The Ambewela farm is located in the small town of Ambewela in the Nuwara Eliya District. This area is also known as “Little New Zealand”. When talking about Dairy Farming in Sri Lanka, the first place which would pop into anyone's mind is The Ambewela farm. The weather in Ambewela is suited perfectly for excellent Dairy farming.This area is also popular for being the widest and highest grassland in Sri Lanka.

Ambewela farms are made up of two farms, the Ambewela Farm and the New Zealand Farm. Ambewela farm is one of the best farms in Sri Lanka, with modern technology, top quality pastures and superior breeds of cattle who are allowed to graze Freely. There are two types of cattle here, Purebred Ayrshire Cattle;e and Purebred Friesian cows. These pedigree level cattle are given a balanced diet and sterilized water. They also have amazing healthcare facilities with veterinary surgeons tending the cattle on a 24-hour basis. In addition, Ambewela Farm also has Rabbits and Goats.

The farm also has organic vegetation growing on site, it has a Cheese Factory and Sites where visitors can witness the milking of cows. You can purchase cheese and milk made on the farm at the cafeteria available on the farm.