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Ridi Viharaya


Ridi Viharaya

The Silver temple or as it is more commonly known as “Ridi Viharaya” is a temple which was built by King Dutugemunu. This temple was built at the place where King Dutugemunu found the Silver ore which was used to complete one of Sri Lanka’s largest Stupa’s, Ruwanwelisaya. Ridi Viharaya is found in a village named Ridigama which is 94 km northeast of Colombo.

The story of how the king found the Silver ore to complete the Ruwanwelisaya Stupa is as follows. A group of merchants was traveling from the central highlands to the kingdom of Anuradhapura when they chanced across some Ripe Jackfruit. They then decided to offer it half of it to Buddhist Monks found in the area. After there offering was accepted the monks led the merchants to a cave filled with silver ore.

Upon returning to Anuradhapura the merchants tell King Dutugemunu about what they had discovered. The king overjoyed in hearing the news, used to silver found in the cave to finish “the Great Stupa”. The King did not forget the monks who had helped him and in gratitude built the Ridi Viharaya.

Associated Buildings and Structures:

  • Serasum Gala
  • Waraka Welandu Viharaya
  • Hevisi Mandapaya
  • Maha Viharaya
  • Uda Viharaya