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Sinharaja Forest Reserve


Sri Lankas Largest Rainforest

          Classified as one of Sri Lanka's UNESCO world heritage site in 1989, Sinharaja Forest Reserve is a national park and the largest rainforest in Sri Lanka. It is located on the south-west side of Sri Lanka 5km away from Deniyaya. It was declared as Sri Lanka’s first national Wilderness heritage area in 1988.

           Sinharaja spreads over an area of 7648 hectares and is surrounded on three sides by rivers: from the north by the Napola Dola and Koskulana Ganga, on the south by the Maha Dola and Gin Ganga, on the west by the Kalukandawa Ela and Kudawa Ganga.It is home to over 50% of Sri Lanka's endemic wildlife ( mammals, reptiles, amphibians). More than 60% of the trees found in the Sinharaja rainforest are endemic and considered rare. Sinharaja is also home to a wide variety of birds; 19 species of bird out of the 20 endemics to Sri Lanka can be found here.

            It is compulsory to have an experienced guide with you while you explore the various nature trails of Sinharaja Rainforest. There are two main nature trails:

  • Sinhagala Nature Trail
  • Mulawella Nature Trail

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             If you enjoy nature and wildlife, Sinharaja Forest Reserve is a must visit excursion during your vacation in Sri Lanka.