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Udawalawe Elephant Orphanage


The Elephant Orphanage of Udawalawe

          The Udawalawe Elephant Transit Home was established within the Udawalawe national park by the Department of Wildlife conservation with the sole goal od rehabilitating and providing a home to orphaned elephant calves till they can be released into the wild.


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            Though Sri Lanka is very famous for its elephants, up to three elephants are killed per week. Udawalawe Elephant Transit home makes sure that there is minimum contact between the staff and the elephants to ensure that the calves are not acclimated to humans and can survive in the wild once released.


         Due to the caring of elephants being extremely costly, the Udawalawe Elephant Transfer Home has a Foster parent scheme in place. Individuals or groups which contribute earn privileges like the naming of the elephant, accommodation at a bungalow in Udawalawe National Park for two days per year and also involvement when the elephant is released into the wild. Each Calf is released when they reach the age of 5 years of age.